Body Massage

  • Aroma Therapy Massage

First enjoy a foot bath, followed with a short foot massage, sea salt feet and wash.Then enjoy the relaxing massage movement using choices of fragrance massage oil which bring complete harmony through your entire body. This treatment will also smoothen your skin.

1 hour                            IDR 220.000

1,5 hours                        IDR 270.000

2 hours                           IDR 320.000

  • Traditional Balinese Massage

A relaxing massage, deep strokes and palm pressure to relieve pain.

1 hour                            IDR 220.000

1,5 hours                        IDR 270.000

2 hours                           IDR 320.000

  • Duo Massage

Combination of Balinese massage and Swedish massage by 2 therapist using aroma therapy..

1 hour                           IDR 350.000

1,5 hours                       IDR 390.000

2 hours                          IDR 440.000

  • Foot Massage Treatment

Start with a sea salt foot bath, followed by feet massage, with aromatic oil or cream includes hands, neck and shoulder.

1 hour                           IDR 165.000

1.5 hours                       IDR 230.000

  • Reflexology

Start with wash the foot using warm water which function to open pores in the foot skin and to stretch out foot muscle, continued with foot massage

1 hour                            IDR 145.000

1.5 hours                        IDR 220.000

  • Herbal Massage

Flower  footbath,  body  massage  using  aroma  massage  oil,  followed  with  warm  herbal treatment spices wrapped in the white cotton applied to your body.

1 hour                            IDR 330.000

1,5 hours                        IDR 365.000

2   hours                         IDR 410.000

  • Warm Stone Massage

Flower footbath, aroma oil body massage using ginger oil and warm stones.

A way to speed your blood circulation and decrease your muscle tensions.

1 hour                              IDR 320.000

1,5 hours                          IDR 365.000

2 hours                             IDR 410.000

Beauty Treatment

  • Pedicure and Manicure with nail polish

Combination of pedicure and manicure with nail polish

1 hour                          IDR 245.000

  • Facial

Cleansing, face scrub, massage and face mask.

1 hour                         IDR 245.00

Tropical Fruit Bath

Flower foot bath massage, scrub and wash the feet, enjoy the relaxing massage over the entire body using choices of fragrance aroma massage oil, then we treat your body with body scrub of  rice  powder  blend  with  spices.  Finally immerse yourself in  a  relaxing  bath  with  slices  of fruits.

2 hours                             IDR 440.000

Body Scrub

First enjoy sea salt foot bath, massage using our various fragrant aroma oil, and then scrub body from rice powder blended fruit or flower and relaxing flower bath.

1.5 hours                             IDR 340.000

Body Scrub treatment

  • Jasmine                   Seaweed
  • Avocado                 Coffee
  • Coconut                  Honey